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Private Client Services


You have worked all your life to achieve your current wealth and we believe that preserving your wealth is an important principle to adopt


We construct and manage your investments utilising up to date research from Australia’s largest research teams, we utilise a tailored approach which takes into consideration your goals, current circumstances and risk tolerance.

Private Wealth Management

At Lloyds Private Wealth we provide boutique management services for high net worth individuals, sophisticated individuals and family offices. 


We aim to create a close working relationship with our clients to understand their financial needs and to help build a portfolio that achieves the client’s financial goals. 

Private Wealth Management

Integrated Asset Allocation

With integrated asset allocation we consider both the economic expectation affecting you today, your financial goals and your risk tolerance.


Traditional asset allocation only considers your risk tolerance and does not take into account the change in market and economic conditions.


Our method is to ensure we understand all areas that can have an effect on your assets, to keep you informed with up to date information.

Integrated Asset Allocation

Intergenerational Wealth Preservation

We assist our clients to protect against the unexpected. Whether it’s to protect you from market volatility or from unforeseen circumstances that may arise due to ill health or premature death.


Our aim is to provide the necessary resources to preserve our clients wealth, ready for the next generation.

Integenerational Wealth Preservation

Tax Planning

We work with your accountant to provide you with Tax effective strategies and structural solutions that can minimise your tax, whilst growing your wealth.


We also have a network of tax specialists to assist where necessary. Lloyds Private Wealth is registered as a Tax (Financial) Adviser under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just about having a will in place. It's about creating a legacy and ensuring the continuity of your wealth and your wishes, for many generations. If you plan appropriately you can be more tax effective and have the ability to protect your wealth from unforeseen circumstances, ensuring the right people receive the benefit into the future.

Estate Planning
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